Debra Mackeen has 30 years’ experience in the sector including contract management, strategic planning, desktop and in-field waste management studies/investigations, solid waste management technology research and infrastructure design, governance compliance and approvals.

Debra was the Manager, Waste and Environment Services at Cairns Regional Council, Far North Queensland, where she was responsible for the business operations and capital works program for waste and resource recovery services and the environmental management function of the Water and Waste Department.

Debra has contributed to the design and construction of solid waste management infrastructure including material recovery facility, landfills and waste transfer stations and to the implementation of waste and recycling collection systems. Australia and undertaken industry research for recyclable materials including the preparation of product stewardship scheme guidelines.

Debra has participated in the development of waste management policy and draft legislation within PNG and has worked on multi development partner projects in the Pacific Region, Sri Lanka, Haiti and Indonesia. Experienced in the preparation and management of Australian hazardous waste import permits with a detailed knowledge of the Basel and Waigani Conventions for the shipment of hazardous wastes from and within the Pacific region. This is complemented by a strong knowledge in regard to HS tariff codes and dangerous goods codes.

Debra holds a Master of Environmental Engineering and has been engaged on a range of. Debra has also led project design and implementation for commercial and industrial strategic waste management assignments and undertaken international studies in waste management and resource recovery.