Mark has over 30 year’s work experience including working with NSW Fisheries Department, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and Australian Museum undertaking research, park maintenance and bush regeneration. He spent 5 years sailing around the world and was a professional photographer (1997-2011).

In 2014 Mark joined APC and has worked on a range of research projects. Mark delivered three Bin Trim projects for the NSW EPA working with over 250 diverse businesses focused on recovery of challenging materials including plate glass and EPS. His analytical approach, research skills and technical knowledge has been of great assistance to a number of clients including councils reviewing internal operations in construction and demolition (C&D) waste to reduce waste landfill levy impacts from infrastructure projects.

Mark has led the field team undertaken three field surveys at over 300 sites across Queensland at nine different site types in five regions to measure the impacts of the CRS program on overall and beverage container litter. He trained all staff on the use of GIS app in the field used to collect, store and transfer data.

Mark holds a science degree, white card and is an accredited bin trim assessor.