Natasha has over 30 years’ experience in waste management, having worked in local councils, state government and the commercial sector. Natasha has a strong track record leading, engaging and motivating diverse teams to deliver, best practise environmental management, highly regarded efficient and effective waste services to the community, locally and nationally recognised innovative communication, behaviour change and sustainability programs.

Natasha has practical hands-on experience in all aspects of waste management and has successfully negotiated and implemented high value waste contracts on behalf of councils and the NSW State Government, including multi-million-dollar waste disposal, processing and collection contracts.

Natasha is highly experienced in all aspects of tendering, engaging stakeholders, preparing documents, mitigating risk, assessing technology, contract management and negotiations, reporting, strategy and policy development. As the Executive Manager, Waste and Cleansing for Northern Beaches Council, Natasha oversaw the digitisation and integration of the 3 separate waste collection services to provide a single waste collection service, following the amalgamation of Pittwater, Warringah and Manly Councils and successfully initiated and directed the largest bin rollout in the Southern Hemisphere.

Natasha has a proven track record of working with communities, councils and businesses, analysing need, identifying opportunities and determining viable and beneficial solutions that observe commercial and political constraints, are innovative and satisfy the client’s requirements.Natasha brings strategic and opportunistic thinking, leadership, enthusiasm, technical and management skills and a sound understanding of the waste industry, local government and communities to the APC team.