Rottnest Island

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Rottnest Island is a popular holiday destination located 18 kilometres off the coast of Fremantle, Western Australian. More than 500,000 tourists visit the island each year. The Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) manages the recreational and accommodation facilities on this Class A reserve.

In 2005, APC was engaged to develop and implement a Strategic Waste and Resource Waste Management Plan for Rottnest Island.
Previous Waste Disposal – All putrescible waste generated on the island was deposited in a small, unlined landfill. More than 100 recycling stations provided opportunities for visitors to recycle glass, aluminium and plastics, which were then sorted and baled at mini material recovery facilities (MRFs) and exported by barge to the mainland. Paper, cardboard, food and bio-solids were composted at the landfill.

Waste Strategy Development – The recommendations were based on sound qualitative and quantitative research, extensive stakeholder engagement, community consultation and market research to determine the current attitudes, views, opinions and behaviour of residents and visitors. In order to determine quantities and composition, a waste audit was undertaken of public-place, domestic, commercial and transfer-station waste streams. Cost–benefit analysis explored the options for disposal and processing of waste and recyclables.

Rotto truck recycle its vitalWaste Strategy Initiatives – The strategy identified 44 actions to be implemented over a two-year period. These actions included: design and construction of a transfer station; tender preparation for both the freight and receival of residual waste and recyclables for processing; tendering for transport from port to processing facilities; introduction of co-mingled recycling; upgrading 124 recycling stations; purchase of new plant and equipment; cessation of on-island composting; upgrading of waste management systems for residential, commercial and accommodation premises; banning of plastic shopping bags; and the development of comprehensive educational material to inform and educate tourists.

Implementation – APC project-managed the implementation phases from September 2004 to December 2005.

Rottnest Island image truckOutcomes – The RIA endorsed the Strategic Waste and Resource Waste Management Plan in its entirety and constructed a transfer station on the island, with both waste and recyclables being delivered to the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC) MRF and the alternative waste facility (AWT) for processing.