Resource Recovery and AWT Options Assessment

Waste options analysis

Hawkesbury Council, NSW – Council engaged APC to research and model various waste collection and treatment options to deliver the 66 per cent state government landfill diversion targets. This report considered nine collection and processing scenarios that were modelled for consideration, based on achievable diversion rate, cost, proven technology and the footprint required.

Waste characterisation, size and moisture content testing

Seasonal domestic

City of Sydney Council, NSW – APC conducted four seasonal bin-by-bin audits of 220 households, both single and multi-unit dwellings, in accordance with the NSW Kerbside Waste Audit Guidelines. A total data set of 880 garbage and 220 co-mingled recycling samples were analysed, creating seasonal variation trend analysis for the city. Four seasonal audit reports and one final report were delivered.

Size and composition

Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises – APC undertook a waste composition analysis of representative waste samples from the Shore Regional Organisation of Council’s (SHOROC) domestic waste streams to better understand the feedstock for the proposed Resource Recovery Facility. APC selected trucks from each council that were representative of each council area. In total, 13 tonnes of waste was audited in 2011. Selected waste was pre-sorted and then sieved to determine size fraction. Each size fraction was sorted separately to determine composition.

Moisture content testing

Rivers Regional Council (RRC), WA – Rivers Regional Council (RRC), comprising the seven councils of Armadale, Gosnells, Mandurah, Murray, Serpentine and Jarrahdale, South Perth and Waroona, contracted APC to audit the domestic general waste stream. In total, 803 households were sampled, with the number of bins from each council based on the proportion of households they represent in the region. Waste was aggregated and sorted by council area.  A total of 11.5 tonnes of waste was sorted. Five moisture content samples were taken from four councils’ loads.

Process audits

Global Renewables Limited (GRL) – GRL operates the UR-3R facility at Eastern Creek Landfill in NSW, with contractual specification for feedstock. APC was engaged to provide data on the composition of the material entering the plant. Samples were taken from selected locations within the plant.

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