Operational and Infrastructure Assessments

Hamilton Island, Queensland – APC was invited by Hamilton Island to undertake a site inspection and scoping study to review current operations, with the view of improving waste management for the benefit of visitors, residents and staff.  A report summarising the achievements to date and identifying opportunities was submitted and provided guidance to the administration on the areas of future priority and need.  A preliminary public-place bin infrastructure audit was also conducted with recommendations as to the future placement and implementation to improve both recovery and diversion.

Sydney Opera House, NSW – The Office of Environment and Heritage’s Sustainability Advantage program engaged APC to identify potential opportunities and strategies to reduce waste generated at this iconic destination. The primary focus was on introducing a food waste recovery program to complement the existing cardboard, container and polystyrene source-separation programs already installed. SOH identified the need to undertake a waste assessment from all the commercial partners, including a visual assessment of contamination from commercial operations and to make observations about out-of-hours servicing by contractors.

University New South Wales (UNSW) – The Packaging Stewardship Forum (PSF) committed $40,000 to co-fund the implementation of public-place recycling at the UNSW’s main Kensington campus.  APC assisted UNSW to develop waste collection and processing tender documents. They also helped prepare a report on implementation issues in regard to the new contract, including identifying locations for future public litter and recycling bin enclosures and identifying preferred sites for new public recycling bin stations.

Marrickville Council, NSW – Council engaged APC to undertake a time and motion study of the garbage, recycling and garden organics services over a three-week period. Each day APC staff followed each collection vehicle to determine distance travelled, bins collected and time taken.

Department Environment and Conservation – Northern Directorate, Parks and Wildlife Division, NSW – APC inspected, assessed and recorded public-place waste and recycling facilities in all national parks in the northeast of NSW, from Newcastle to the Queensland border. The report included recommendations on changes and improvements, including cost–benefit analysis of more than 20 sites in relation to current and future costs of implementing recommendations of the Waste Management and Recycling Strategy.

Olympic Co-ordination Authority, NSW – APC reviewed and evaluated the performance of the waste management system at the Royal Easter Show in 1998 and 2000, the opening of the Olympic Park railway station and regattas at Penrith Whitewater Stadium on Australia Day.

Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, NSW – APC examined the litter and waste-generation characteristics of the World Cup Triathlon event held in Sydney before the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

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