Our Experience

We understand and respect the need to deliver politically acceptable, socially responsible and commercially viable projects. Our experience in metropolitan, regional, remote, Island and Indigenous communities is integral in ensuring that the right solutions and opportunities are identified and delivered. A sample of our 550 projects we have delivered are below based on area of expertise.


APC is pre-qualified on ACT, NSW and Commonwealth Panel Contracts, which include:-

  • ACT Government Specialist Advisory Services Panel for ACT NOWaste 2012-16871.210
  • NSW Local Government Procurement Panel – Engineering, Planning, Development and Community and Professional Consulting Services effective March 2010 which includes waste auditing; and
  • NSW EPA contract 0600877 Panel – Waste Audit Services
  • Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, National Waste Policy Consultant Panel (CON 458758)
  • Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency – Review of Carbon Offset Methodologies under the Domestic Offsets Integrity Committee for the Carbon Farming Initiative