Asset Management

Rates database verification

Canterbury and Woollahra Councils – APC has undertaken extensive field work for councils to verify council rates databases and identify unlisted properties or occupied dwellings on vacant land. APC identified in excess of $300,000 in one case and $425,000 in another of additional revenue from increased Domestic Waste Management Charges as a result of our field expertise.

Confirmation of service numbers

Botany Bay Council, NSW – Council were considering implementing a new, fully co-mingled recycling and garden organics service. Council approached APC to undertake fieldwork to confirm the number of households, and therefore services, to be rendered in the new contract. Each street and multi- unit property was assessed to determine total premises requiring servicing.

Bin Condition

Logan City Council, Queensland – APC was engaged by Logan City Council to undertake a bin condition report on 2,400 bins as a sample of a possible 61,000 bin stock. The report covered the overall condition, age, number and type of specific defect of the bins.

Trade Waste Service Collection Verification

Parramatta City Council, NSW – APC audited and carried out a rates-database verification process of Council’s commercial waste collection program. The scope of this project was to confirm a number of questions, including whether commercial premises using Council services in the LGA were being rated accordingly, who was being over- or under-serviced and who may be receiving the service but not being charged. The project required APC staff to conduct on-ground and in-collection vehicle mobile garbage bin checks and cross-verification with Council’s rateable properties database. The outcome of the project allowed Council to update its commercial services program and gain integrity in the quality of information and Council-owned bin infrastructure in the LGA.

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