Waste Management Plans and Strategies

Singleton Council, NSW – APC developed a 20-year Waste Strategy in close collaboration with council staff and the community. A background report was prepared to identify the issues, which included results from a visual landfill audit carried out to gain council input prior to the development of the draft Waste Strategy. Extensive community consultation was undertaken, involving eight focus groups, two stakeholder meetings and 2,008 responses from web-based, hard-copy and phone surveys. Results were collated and analysed, and a community consultation report was prepared outlining community opinion. The surveys were supported by a range of promotional materials, including information on Council’s website, local newspapers, posters in community centres and radio advertisements. The Waste Strategy included a comprehensive action plan, implementation timeframe and budget for the successful implementation of the service and infrastructure needs outlined in the Waste Strategy.

Northern Tasmania Regional Waste and Cradle Coast Regional Waste Management Groups, Tasmania – APC developed waste strategies for two related regions of Tasmania: Cradle Coast Regional Waste Management, which includes nine councils and King Island; and Northern Tasmania Regional Waste, which includes eight councils and Flinders Island. Workshops were run to provide feedback and preparation of final documentation.

Zero Waste South Australia (ZWSA) and Department Premier and Cabinet, Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Department (DPC AARD), SA – A Regional Waste Management Priorities and Implementation Plan was delivered for the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands, an area of 100,000 km2 in far northwest SA that is home to 14 indigenous communities. The project involved reviewing all aspects of waste management, determining operational and capital budgets, developing and overseeing 14 trials to ascertain the applicability, as well as extensive stakeholder and community engagement with a translator/interpreter. The resulting plan — The Rubbish Report – Waste Management in the APY Lands: Past, Present and Future — was released June 2011.

Kangaroo Island Council, SA
– APC developed a Waste Management Plan for the 4,500km2 island, which has population of approximately 4,400 residents and is host to more than 160,000 tourists annually. We conducted a comprehensive waste audit, market research with residents and visitors, extensive stakeholder and community consultation, data analysis, technical evaluation of options, cost–benefit analysis and budget projections. A four-page summary of the draft waste plan was prepared for distribution to the community and included in the local newspaper.

Victor Harbor Council, SA
– APC produced a Strategic Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy for Council. The project included reviewing and recommending strategies for solid waste and wastewater treatment and involved community and stakeholder consultation, research of options, technical evaluation and cost–benefit analysis.

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